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Service Dogs for Invisible Disabilities


Service dogs first emerged as a method to assist visually impaired people. However, over time, their role has expanded from being simple guide dogs for people who are blind, and they are now trained to help people with hearing impediments and physical limitations, as well as those with invisible disabilities like PTSD and autism. So, unless someone has an obvious disability, it's hard to know what the service dog is doing to help. However, this does not mean they don't need the dog. What is an Invisible Disability? Disabilities cannot always be seen. Unfortunately, when people think about the term, they [...]

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Service Dog Vests & Harnesses


Service dogs are everyday heroes trained to help individuals with disabilities by performing specific tasks or jobs to ensure the individual is as safe as possible. Service dogs play an instrumental role in the safety, protection, and well-being of the individuals they assist. Oftentimes, the general public may not be aware of the importance of service dogs and the role they play. In addition, people on the street may not have an appreciation, or understanding, that the service dog is working when he or she is with their person. This is where service dog vests and harnesses can be of [...]

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What does it take to have a service dog?


Service dogs are a blessing - but how do you get a service dog? Who qualifies for a service dog? What all do you have to do? These are questions that I get all the time, being a service dog handler myself. So, I have put together a comprehensive guide: “What does it take to have a service dog?” 1. You Must Have a Disability That Qualifies You for a Service Animal There are many different disabilities that qualify you to have a service dog. In many cases, these disabilities may be invisible. Some examples of disabilities that [...]

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Qualifying and Deciding to Get a Service Dog


Am I Eligible for a Service Dog? The first thing used to determine if someone qualifies for a service dog is their need. Your disability determines who is eligible for a service dog. A lot of people born with disabilities qualify differently than those that developed a disability later on. If you have a mobility disability (such as needing a wheelchair), you would qualify for a different type of service dog than you would if you had diabetes. In many cases a doctor may need to sign off on a person’s qualifications in order to be determined eligible for [...]

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Who Qualifies for a Service Dog?


One of the most common questions people ask about service dogs is "how to qualify for a service dog?" Sometimes, when a person has an invisible disability, other people or business owners question their need for one or their right to take their service dog into businesses, airplanes, etc. The ADA has specific guidelines for who qualifies for a service dog, and understanding these qualifications is key to supporting service dogs and their handlers. Qualifying for a Service Dog The ADA defines a person with a disability as individuals with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits [...]

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What is a Service Dog?


My service dog, Justice, is a huge part of my life. She is trained to perform tasks that are unique to my particular needs. Specifically, Justice is an alert dog: she alerts me of different sounds that I may not otherwise hear. Service dogs provide a variety of tasks based on the needs of their handler. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, service dogs are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Let’s dive into what that means. Qualifying Service Dogs In order for a dog to [...]

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