Service Dog Education Services

Providing Education and Resources to the Community

People with disabilities can augment all aspects of their lives with service dogs, who execute crucial aid depending on the disability of their owner. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates that service dogs are specially trained to assist a person with disabilities in their tasks and daily life. The tasks that service dogs perform are essential actions, like guiding people with visual impairments, signaling certain sounds for those who are deaf, retrieving items for people with mobility issues or alerting about impending cardiac episodes or seizures. Service dogs also support the emotional well-being of their owners through the unique bond they forge.

Justice Speaks offers training for students in grade school to understand what service dogs do and for employees to meet workplace compliance regulations. In addition, we provide resources for you to learn more about service dogs and advocate for them and their handlers.

School Aged Education

We offer lessons and curriculum for grade school and post-secondary classes.

  • Justice Speaks Elementary Curriculum 
  • Justice Speaks Middle School Curriculum
  • Justice Speaks High School Curriculum
  • Justice Speaks Post-Secondary
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Workplace Compliance

We offer training to professionals and businesses to understand and ensure that they are in compliance with rules and regulations around service dogs.

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Resources and Advocacy

The additional resources we offer include:

  • Blogs
  • Advocacy support and assistance in public realm
  • Advocacy for legislative change 
  • Service Dog connection to training, breeders and partners