Service Dogs for Invisible Disabilities


Service dogs first emerged as a method to assist visually impaired people. However, over time, their role has expanded from being simple guide dogs for people who are blind, and they are now trained to help people with hearing impediments and physical limitations, as well as those with invisible disabilities like PTSD and autism. So, unless someone has an obvious disability, it's hard to know what the service dog is doing to help. However, this does not mean they don't need the dog. What is an Invisible Disability? Disabilities cannot always be seen. Unfortunately, when people think about the term, they [...]

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Service Dog Etiquette


Service dogs and their handlers work as a team to navigate life, and that includes being in public together. When someone sees a dog in public, they may be inclined to pet them or interact with them, but service dogs are focused on doing a job. Petting service dogs could impact their ability to follow commands and may even put their handler in danger. This includes offering them food or treats because they are often on a strict feeding schedule or specific diet. If you want to ask questions, approach and speak to the handler, not the dog. It is important [...]

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Service Dogs in the Workplace


At Justice Speaks we get a lot of questions about the rules and regulations for service dogs being in the workplace. Service dogs are used for many different reasons and are an essential to some people who have disabilities. There are many requirements of employers and employees when a service dog is entering a workplace and concerns may arise. The main thing to remember if you are concerned about a service dog in the workplace is that they are not there for entertainment or to distract employees. They have their own job to do and are taking care of the needs [...]

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The Critical Role of a PTSD Service Dog


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has perhaps existed for as long as humanity has experienced trauma, but it was not until 1980 that it became a mental health diagnosis. Research from the VA has shown that approximately 6% of the population experiences PTSD in their lifetime. This particularly impacts veterans, who are more likely to suffer from PTSD than civilians. Frightening or high-stress events bring on the condition, and the symptoms are grouped into four main categories: intrusion or re-experiencing, avoidance, alteration in mood and cognition, and hyperarousal. A PTSD service dog is a unique tool in helping those suffering from PTSD [...]

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The Journey of Service Dog Training


A service dog is a working animal which can be trained to help people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, autism, PTSD, diabetes, seizures, allergies and mobility issues. A service dog can be very useful to its owner/guardian, but it's not always affordable for people to get a dog which has already been trained. A trained service dog can cost you $15,000—$50,000. As a result, many people opt to go the DIY route; they get a dog which is still a puppy and train it to be a service dog. As long as the dog has the right temperament, it can [...]

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Qualifying for a Service Animal: Part 3


Protecting, Training, and Advocating for Your Service Dog Service dogs provide invaluable assistance to individuals with disabilities, but their well-being and effectiveness depend on various factors. In this third segment of our series on qualifying for a service dog, we delve into the crucial aspects of protecting your dog, the responsibility and challenge of training, and addressing skepticism about these incredible canine companions.  Protecting Your Service Dog Protecting your service dog is paramount, and it starts with ensuring their safety from physical harm. While service dogs are trained to behave, it's essential to be cautious around other dogs and people. [...]

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Service Dog Vests & Harnesses


Service dogs are everyday heroes trained to help individuals with disabilities by performing specific tasks or jobs to ensure the individual is as safe as possible. Service dogs play an instrumental role in the safety, protection, and well-being of the individuals they assist. Oftentimes, the general public may not be aware of the importance of service dogs and the role they play. In addition, people on the street may not have an appreciation, or understanding, that the service dog is working when he or she is with their person. This is where service dog vests and harnesses can be of [...]

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4 Things to Know Before You Get a Service Dog


Getting a service dog is one of the biggest blessings in life for those of us who have disabilities. The benefits of having a partner, like my dog Justice, can be life changing. However, that does not mean that service dogs do not come without their own set of challenges. Here are 4 things you should know before you get a service dog: Getting a Service Dog is a Big Commitment - What Should You Know? Service Dogs Require a Lot of Training! That is worth repeating: Service dogs require a lot of training! It does not [...]

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Pawsitively Inspiring: 5 Service Dog Social Media Accounts to Follow Today


In a world of scrolling, double-tapping, and sharing, social media has become a wellspring of entertainment and information. One niche that has risen in prominence over the years revolves around service dogs and their handlers.More than just cute and heartwarming, these accounts offer invaluable lessons on ADA service dog laws and service dog education. Following these accounts not only provides a glimpse into the daily life of service dog handlers but also spreads awareness and understanding of the important role service dogs play. It's a great place to learn about service dog advocacy.Read on for five stand out social media accounts [...]

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What does it take to have a service dog?


Service dogs are a blessing - but how do you get a service dog? Who qualifies for a service dog? What all do you have to do? These are questions that I get all the time, being a service dog handler myself. So, I have put together a comprehensive guide: “What does it take to have a service dog?” 1. You Must Have a Disability That Qualifies You for a Service Animal There are many different disabilities that qualify you to have a service dog. In many cases, these disabilities may be invisible. Some examples of disabilities that [...]

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